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Historical Event on 12/23/1930

The British governor of Punjab was wounded in an assassination attempt.

Other Historical Dates and Events
3/1/1908A.E.T. Barrow, educationist, was born.
5/30/1887The 7th Battalion of the Mechanised Infantry Regiment was raised as 37 DOGRAS by Lt. Col V. Rivas at Sialkot.
9/26/1946Gandhiji was interviewed with Wavell.
1/3/1945No. 8 Squadron becomes the first to convert onto the Spitfire VIII during the previous month and commencing operations on 3 January 1945 in the Kangaw area.
2/21/1973V. R. Sonalkar was appointed as the Narcotics Commissioner of India. He headed this office till 31-07-1974.
1/23/1809Veer Surendra Sai, freedom fighter and revolutionary, was born in Khinda village in the north of Sambalpur at Orissa.
1/31/1949Maharajas of Baroda and Kolhapur decide to merge their states with Bombay.
8/22/1987Aircraft carrier ship of Indian Navy 'Virat' joined in fleet.
7/21/1975Hindi Post Guards was established by Government.
12/31/1902Dr. Raghuvir, dictionary creator, having knowledge of Vedic Sanskrit, Tebiti, Chinese and Mongolian, was born.