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Today In Indian History - Historical Events of India

DateEvent Name
9/23/1743 Sawai Jaising died.
9/23/1803 British-Indian forces defeated the Marathas in the Battle of Assaye.
9/23/1858 Grant Duf, historian who studied Maratha history, died.
9/23/1862 Sriniwas Shastri, great patriot and veteran politician, was born.
9/23/1863 Rao Tularam Singh Yadav, freedom fighter, was one of the key leaders of the Indian rebellion of 1857, in Haryana, where he is considered a state hero.
9/23/1903 Yusuf Meherali, freedom fighter and socialist, was born.
9/23/1906 Kumar (Mijjan) alias Syed Hasan Ali, film actor, was born in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh. He has worked in 'Shadows of the Dead', 'Dukhiari', 'Gambler', 'Patan ni Paniari', 'Thoure of Delhi'.
9/23/1908 Ramdhari Singh Dinkar, famous Hindi poet, was born.
9/23/1911 Rappal Sangmeshwar Krishnan, noted physics expert of India, was born.
9/23/1952 Anshuman Dattajirao Gaekwad, batsman in 40 Tests (1974-85), was born in Bombay.
9/23/1965 The Indian Army secured the Kashmir Valley and the only object left was to clean out the remnants of the Gibraltar Force. Under the guidance of United Nations, the cease-fire came into effect.
9/23/1967 P. S. Vaidya, great Indian ODI pace bowler (1995-96), was born.
9/23/1974 First NCC Airforce Squadran (Women) was established at Vanasthali Vidyapeeth, Rajasthan.
9/23/1980 Indira Gandhi gains power to imprison without trial.
9/23/1983 Supreme Court upholds execution of criminals through hanging by rope.
9/23/1990 World Bank clears Rs.1,200 crore aid for Sarovar Dam rejecting objections raised by environmental groups.
9/23/1992 Indian-designed pilotless target aircraft 'Lakshya' successfully tested.
9/23/1996 Sitaram Kesri elected provisional president of Congress (I).
9/23/1997 India win Sahara Cup Cricket series by 4-1 victory over Pakistan.
9/23/1999 India rejects Pakistan's proposal for an international conference on arms control.


Other Historical Dates and Events
7/11/1630Rezabeebeth Sookeas Begum passed away.
9/10/1943Satyendra Chandra Bardhan, Vakkom Abdul Khader, Fouja Singh, Boniface Pereira and Anandan were hanged on charges of conspiracy to ""wage war against the King"" under the Ememy Agents Ordinance (which was given retrospective effect) at Madras Jail. They sang Vande Mataram and shouted ""Bharat Mata Ki Jai"" when they were being hanged.
9/15/1999Palvai Purushottam, the sitting Sirpur MLA and TDP candidate, shot dead.
8/15/1872Sri Aurobindo Man Mohan Ghosh born in Calcutta. He was a renaissance yoga philosopher, freedom fighter and teacher. His 30-volume work discusses the 'superman', a metaphor for the divinely transformed individual soul. He withdrew from the world in 1910 and founded International Ashram in Pondicherry.
8/15/1872Amir Timur left Delhi. He took the title 'Emperor of India' and recrossed the Indus on March 11.
12/15/1908Swami Ranga Natahananda, was born at Trikkur, Kerala.
6/6/1998All IAF Meteorological Sections were put on high alert from 06 Jun 98, and constant interaction with India Meteorological Department (IMD) at Mumbai and the (IMD) Centre at Ahmedabad resulted in 24 hours tracking and plotting of the cyclone, which was passed down as forecasts to Service and civil authorities in the Saurashtra and Kutch region.
10/15/1990Bharat Ratna, India's highest award, was given to Dr. Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela (b-1918), the South African black nationalist leader who arrived in India on a five-day visit. He is the first non-Asian to get this honour.
10/22/1997Faced with unprecedented Presidential rebuff, a divided U.F. Government reversed decision on invoking Article 356 in Uttar Pradesh. Kalyan Singh government survived.
8/30/1990Parliament unanimously passes the Prasar Bharati Bill.